I hit up Christie, owner of Vibe Stitch, wanting to create a change. Due to the fact I have managed so many businesses on social media I am forced to see a lot of what’s currently “the norm”… a lot of hate and fake. When discussed with others I realized I wasn’t the only one that was just as frustrated with social media. With that being said, I was soooooo exhausted of all the fake and negative shit I see. So, I hit up my girl Christie (from Vibe Stitch) to see if she wanted to collaborate on a campaign project intended to elevate other women and share their AMAZING stories…”she said yes!”

What started as an idea has somewhat snowballed out of control…in thee most amazing way possible.

Vibe Stitch has been choosing her women to showcase every Wednesday. I photograph and apply graphics.

It has been SUCH an amazing addition to social media, and not to mention showcased some amazing women and their struggles and overall hustle to become what they are today. I couldn’t be more proud.

Check out their stories on Vibe Stitch’s Insta page…@vibestitch.