My amazing client and homie Christie Ludwick, owner of Vibe Stitch, randomly sent me a text one evening of Shannon, owner of Hidey Socks wearing her Hidey Socks customized Vibe Stitch swag saying, "This is Shannon - you have to meet her! I've told her all about you!!"

A few weeks later and I received a text from Shannon asking me for help on her sock packaging. She had been utilizing a graphic designer from India, and was just not happy with their designs. So, we met for coffee and after chatting and brainstorming she was down for a collaboration! Both of us so excited we actually ended the meeting with a selfie...that's when you know shit just got real.

She told me her backstory how she envisioned a more innovative non-slip sock at the YOUNG age of 19! Despite the fact that she didn't have much support (not many believed in her idea, which is very common with many entrepreneurs) she pursued her dreams. She designed, patented and launched Hidey Socks at the age of 22. Crazy right?!

So Fast forward a few months later and we have now collaborating on her packaging design, social media, photo shoots, and her overall brand redesign. She is SUCH an amazing person, and not to mention beyond supportive of me and my crazy ideas. She's a crazy intelligent entrepreneur and has SUCH a huge future ahead of her, and I feel so blessed to be a part of her journey!