My ride or die client (since October 2017 - I launched my business September 2017) now homie Christie, owner of Vibe Stitch has been one of thee most supportive and amazing humans I have ever met.  Once I mentioned to her that I was purchasing a professional camera and lenses she quickly responded, "Let's do a shoot!"  Me, not being that experienced with professional photography...hobby, yes, but pro, no...this was HUGE for me!

I had one idea, "Let's do a brick wall background with a giant flag draped that blows in the wind while you guys are walking."  First off we live in Bakersfield, crazy hot and typically not that much wind so fingers were crossed for a breeze.  Yes, some people call it creative...sometimes I think my brain just operates 100% on weird. She asked some of her friends with beautiful mermaid hair (to compliment her awesome hats) and brought some more Vibe Stitch swag.

We came, we started to shoot and MAGIC HAPPENED!  I had the fuck it mentality and let's just wing it.  Little did I know these girls were going to have a BLAST!  As you can see in the pictures.  It's 100% authentic.  I couldn't have dreamed of a better shoot!

I was, and still am, SO proud to have been a part of this.  As my first professional photo shoot this was huge for me.  It meant so much to me that Christie had 100% faith in me to just give me creative freedom to just do mah thang!  I am forever grateful that she slipped me a DM almost a year ago.  Since then we have completely redesigned her brand and she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders for me and my business.  

Insert music clip from Bruno Mars 24K Magic, "got to blame it on Jesus, #blessed"