My step son Roman was the starting center fielder for Independence High School's Varsity Team this past year.  He came home one night after practice with (action shot) pictures that were shot, developed and framed.  Obviously a super awesome gesture, and as moms we know that shit took time.  So, I gave Roman my business card to give to her and suggested we collaborate for their final senior pictures.

To be honest I was assuming it would be to maybe throw their name in chrome on an awesome pic and maybe add the school logo, etc.  However, when she reached out to me she had these epic ESPN styled creations in mind...damn Pinterest.  I was honestly slammed with my workload, but decided to do it for Roman.  Being that I played softball for decades very competitively - I knew what a big deal closing your high school chapter and possibly your love for playing a sport truly is.

These creations actually took a long time to create.  Some more than others.  Mostly due to the backgrounds, etc.  However, I would text Roman after each image was finished and he would then send to their team's Snapchat group.  P.S. I am so old because I still can't believe they prefer to group chat in an app other than a text...I digress haha.  After each one was sent the comments were absolutely PRICELESS.

"Holy shit that's awesome!"

"When will she do mine?!"

"That's so BADASS!"

"Duuuuuuuuuuuude that's siiiiiiiiick!"

"Man, I wish I was a senior."

"Dude, please tell her thank you. This is the most awesome picture I've ever had of myself."

As much as I was overwhelmed with work - all the frustration disappeared.  It's funny because I do spend so much time attempting to please my clients with my creations.  It doesn't always happen on the first shot, and sometimes they as for everrrryone's opinion, etc.  It was SUCH a blessing and I didn't realize how much I needed to hear genuine, and non adult utter excitement!  Sometimes as adults I feel that we jump to see the bad or analyze everything so much that it kills the gut driven joy that we used to have.  It was suuuuch a cool experience for me, and I am so grateful to have been a part of this project. It truly was a BLAST!

So much so - that I'll be offering package deals for students throughout this year!