Interview with Robin from Alt KRAB - iHeart Radio

I was asked to join Ryan Martinez, Chairman of The Contreras Foundation…

Their foundation provides scholarships to high school graduates and college students within our community, among a LOT of other amazing things they do for Kern County.

I honestly assumed it was for me to take pictures while Robin interviewed him so that I could put them on their website ( I created and maintain their website ).

Howeverrrr…I didn’t realize I was the guest speaker on their segment.

BIGGEST dork when it comes to media. Awkward. Wasn’t prepared.

Plot twist: besides my mic being drama and technically not working effectively…aka me sounding like Sasquatch in the beginning. I didn’t do as bad as I assumed I would!

Most likely because Robin is cool as hell, kind of has the same messed up sense of humor as I do. So, she made me feel comfortable in this setting for once! Heh. Imagine that. Also, one of the main reasons I wanted her to be my first BADASS WOMEN to showcase on Wednesdays on my insta. (@monroebotgraphics)

There’s a reason I am more of a behind-the-scenes type of gal.

BIGGEST thank you to Ryan and The Contreras Foundation! It has been such a honor that they have been with me since I’ve started my business and that they are so awesome to continue to elevate me and my business as well.

They are one of the reasons why I love what I do.