Therese Dozier, LUVSPUN + My Sorted Affair, Owner + Operator


Hi! I’m Therese Dozier, I’ve lived in Bakersfield for 15 years and before that a little bit of everywhere, from Miami, to Louisiana, to Los Angeles, but was born in good old San Luis Obispo General Hospital! I’m in love with the most gorgeous, gentle hearted soul, we have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a partridge in a pear tree..

By day I’m a mild mannered digital marketer, and by night I’m a hustler, connector and entrepreneur. I owned a small event company My Sorted Affair for 10 years and have consulted for creatives, helping them with their branding and strategy... oooh I love strategy.. but recently, I’ve launched LUVSPUN an artisanal cotton candy service. Our message is LUV and we want to share it with everyone!! And really, who doesn’t like cotton candy?

Life experiences, visions, etc. have led me to what I’m doing now…

After school I worked in the industry I was trained in for many, many years, the whole time knowing that I wasn’t being fulfilled. I found fulfillment in helping folks, whether it was making a couple’s dream wedding come to fruition, or helping creatives like myself focus on their amazing art by letting me help with some of the logistics, it’s my passion! I hope to do the same thing with my newest endeavor, spread LUV it’s the LUVSPUN way!

Have there been challenges? F@$# yeah. I have had serious struggles, divorce, health issues, financial struggles, you name it. And even have had to take some time to heal from a mental break. It has been rough, but the fire in my soul to do what I love has never dimmed. Some days, I take it one day at a time, some days it’s take it one minute at a time, and other days I’m counting through the seconds, but I figure if I’m here, still breathing, and trying to move forward, that’s all that matters, right? Water can wear a hole in a rock, if it’s persistent enough.

Mindset is everything.

To all you people that have been told no…

Look, man... I’m told no every. Effing. Day. I get told no because of my straightforwardness, because of my woman ness, because of my blackness.. and on a bad day it will get me down.. but your girl loves a challenge.. so here we are.

I mean, I’m always in transition. My life has been nothing but constant change. And knowing where you will be from one moment to another is impossible. I can tell you I am grateful for God pulling me through, when I didn’t have any hope. I am grateful for my talents and skill set and voracious appetite for forward movement. I’m not made for a 9-5, I know this about myself. I think that using your skill set to reach your max potential is everything. It’s doing what I love, solving problems, making people happy, what’s not to love?

My kids are my biggest inspiration, for sure! My son being on the autism spectrum has to learn the simplest tasks as if they were new to him almost every day, but he is always eager to learn and happy and brilliant! My daughter has a light that shines bright, and there are people that don’t understand it. It reminds me of myself a lot, but she has the confidence at her age that I didn’t have so she just dusts off her shoulders and is her wonderful fabulous self.

If you could give one bit of advice to a younger you or to other women out it would be: MC Breed said it best... Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin’! I mean if I had known that I could be all of me, all of the time and not apologize for it or not feel bad when people didn’t receive it, it would have saved me a bunch of energy.. I am unapologetically me..

Shout outs: I love our community! Our community is so rich in diversity and talent. I love that everyone is so unique and how that uniqueness is woven into the fabric of this place! My hope is that everyone celebrates it to no end, because if one of us wins we all win! 

Love to my loves that keeps me fed and sane. LUVSPUN will be popping up around town, at festivals, and private events all throughout California! Follow us @luvspunfloss and if you see us say hi!!