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Hi! I'm Robin from Alt 106.1 KRAB Radio! I host middays 10-3 and have been with the station in some capacity for over 16 years! I know, that's a long time. Like, I know it's been a long time when someone barely old enough to drink remembers listening to me as a kid. Oof. This is seriously the only job I have ever had and that is crazy to think about. 

While I do my daily show on KRAB, I also handle our public affairs and PSA work and assist in production a.k.a. making sure you know about those mattress sales and car sellathons you hear on the radio. I have also lucked out in being able to work on my ventriloquist act. Wait-let me clarify. I have been able to do shows for different cities: Modesto, Albuquerque, and most recently, Las Vegas. It's exciting to be able to stretch my creativity and goofiness to all kinds of limits, depending on the music and city.

I live in Bakersfield and am a Kern County native, but I lived on ranches growing up. My dad has worked in citrus and grape farming, so we kind of just lived in the country. It was cool, though, because we had a bunch of animals and we all know animals are way cooler than people. And I went to school in Maricopa. Our class was super tiny, but I have a lot of great memories from my eight years there and am still best friends with the same girl I've known since I was nine.

I have an amazing relationship with an amazing guy who understands all of my nonsense. I could not ask for a better partner and supporter in life. I keep saying this, but...I hit the jackpot with him. How many dudes let their ladies put googly eyes all over the home?

It probably took me a year to realize that radio was "It." When I first started college, I was a journalism major and thought I was going to be some badass music reporter who was going to leave town. Ha. Eventually, I realized that, "Wait-I can do radio for MONEY?" and started working more and more and then put college on the back burner. I mean, I get to talk about music and cut up audio and see concerts for my job.Who am I kidding? 

Stay in school, kids. Stay in school, adults. I still haven't gotten my B.A. and still can't figure out statistics and it's a challenge trying to finish school when I aim my focus elsewhere. Maybe I can be that cool 80 year old you see in the news who graduates college. At least I know how many minutes I have to pee while "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is playing.

I also have struggled with some pretty bad anxiety and self doubt over the years and believing that I could even handle the things I do was difficult. I get nervous with public speaking-which is silly considering that it's my job- and get overwhelmed and panicky about things. I am an awkward oaf who goofs up a lot.  Being a woman is added pressure, since it feels like we have extra expectations shoved into our faces. It's taken a long time, but I'm working towards making things better. Self-care is great and everyone should practice it. To quote Shirley Manson, "The Trick is to Keep Breathing."

That said, I honestly did not expect to be doing this. The industry has changed a lot and you have to stay on top on things to evolve with it. I have been fortunate to figure out how to work in new things (social media, digital streaming) into a very old profession. I dig it. 

And, I guess that is why I love what I do. I get to be a dork for a living. Can I do a segment devoted to Foo Fighters? Can I have my mom on the air? Can I goof around with listeners and talk about silly things like going to the bathroom? Yes, yes, and yes. By the way, I have so much adoration for our listeners. They go to our events, they let me know what bands they like, and they're fun and hilarious. It's like we got some pretty great friends on top of doing this work.

Bakersfield gets a lot of flack, but it is a very giving community. Working in public affairs, I have seen so many generous organizations step up and work towards making Bakersfield wonderful. Whether they are working to make education accessible or looking to improve the welfare of animals or are putting together a clothing drive, I see a lot of generosity in people. 

My family, friends, boyfriend, and co-workers inspire me daily by being kind and funny and smart. That gives me a push to do better in my own life. I have also looked at Conan O'Brien as inspiration. Be kind. Be silly. Never take yourself too seriously, otherwise you may not get your job done.

If I could give Young Robin and women advice, it would be...don't take your self for granted. It's OK to admit you can't do something alone. It's OK to be tired. It's OK to put yourself first. It is OK to say no. That's the big one. You. Can. Say. No. Please know that you do not have to put up with something that does not make you comfortable. You do not have to deal with someone else's issues. You do not have to laugh off a dick pic. You do not have to be quiet. You have a voice. 

Our KRAB Christmas Show is coming up at the Fox Theatre on December 12th!! This is our ninth year doing this and I am proud of what we have done over the years. You can get more info over at